What's a Merystic?

It's little ol' me, your friendly neighborhood artist gryphon. Come here for pertinent information about commissions and more. If you're looking for my most up-to-date gallery, please swing by my Furaffinity.

What do you do?

I draw. A lot. It's my hobby, my passion, my career, and a great way for me to meet new friends and interact with the fantastic furry community. I can even draw something for you.

"Hey, I know you in real life! You're one of those FURRY people?!" Yeah, I am! So I'm not really a mythical talking bird-feline-thing. If you're not familiar with the furry community, or only familiar with it in the all-too-often negative context of pop media, I invite you not to pre-judge; for many of us, being furry has everything to do with the vastly-inspired art and friendship the community generates, and nothing to do with the negative stigmas that sometimes hang on the word "furry". It can be fun to be creative, take a break from the mundane, and make-believe a little bit. Many of us simply like to draw cartoon animals and hang out with friends. :) That's why I'm here, anyway!