Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you open for commissions?

A: Check the commissions info page. I don't open very often and when I do I let people mail in what they would like and pick an amount to fill a designated number of slots. I find this to be more fair than the first-come-first-serve method.

Q: Are you open for trades?

A: Sometimes, but not if the commission queue is full. Feel free to ask.

Q: Do you take requests?

A: No. Sometimes I inflict surprise art on people but it's on my terms. I don't do requests in general.

Q: Will you save me a slot for next time you're open?

A: No. Sorry, but that's not fair to others.

Q: When will commissions be open again?

A: Whenever I finish the queue and feel like taking on new ones. Normally I don't pick specific dates. If I do, I'll post it on the commissions info page.

Q: Can I talk to you on IM?

A: Knock yourself out, I keep my screennames posted on FA and the contact page. Please don't abuse this to pester me with meaningless conversation, though. I like conversation with substance and friendships that develop out of something more than people just wanting art from me.

Q: Can I draw you fan art?

A: Please do! :}

Q: Can I repost a commission you drew for me in my gallery?

A: Yes you may, if you mention that it was done by me; I would appreciate a link back to my gallery!

Q: Where are you from?

A: I live in Texas and have all my life. Currently residing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, previously in College Station and close to Amarillo before that.

Q: How did you learn how to draw?

A: Practice, practice, practice. I'm self-taught.

Q: Do you go to cons? Which cons are you going to?

A: Yes; it varies year to year, but I almost always attend Furry Fiesta in Dallas. I have also been known to appear at BLFC, FC, and MFF with fair regularity.

Q: Who made your fursuit?

A: I did!

Q: Will you make me one/give me a quote for one?

A: Probably not unless we're friends; although I put my very best into sewing/crafting, don't think I would feel confident making suits to withstand the abuse of several years of furcons. At least not right now.

Q: If I see you at a con, can I say hi and/or hug you?

A: Yes. I'd love to meet you and I love hugs!