Commissions by Merystic

The following are base prices for the various commissions I commonly take. The price may vary slightly depending on character and background complexity, but I will give a full and accurate quote after hearing what you would like. If you have anything you would like that you do not see covered here, or have any questions, please feel free to ask!

For full and up-to-date examples/gallery, please visit Merystic's FA.

Currently commissions are: open.

  • full colored pic (starting at 1 character)...90$
    • Full color finished picture, suitable for printing (full res at 300 dpi). Background can be a solid color, or a simple texture and/or gradient.
    • additional full colored characters...+60$ per character, double for every additional 5 characters
    • add background...typically 40-80$ depending on complexity. Simple shading/color/texture backgrounds are free.
    • Examples without background option:
    • Examples with background option:
  • flat colored pic (starting at 1 character)...60$
    • Flat color picture, suitable for printing (full res at 300 dpi). Background can be a solid color, or a simple texture and/or gradient.
    • additional full colored characters...+40$ per character, double for every additional 5 characters
    • Examples:
  • "happy hour" sketches...30$ per character
    • Premium digital sketch featuring colored background, shading, and high resolution version.
    • Examples:
  • telegram sticker sets...15$ per sticker
    • Full color 512x512 stickers quality prepared to telegram standards.
    • Examples:
  • icons...40$
    • High quality, full color, comes in 100x100 and large 300x300 format. Still art, simple animations, and "keyboard flail" icons are included.
    • complex animations...typically $100-$200 depending on complexity. Inquire for custom quote.
    • Standard Examples:
    • Simple Animation Examples:
    • Complex Animation Examples:
  • badges...60$
    Comes laminated and with clip. +5$ if it is to be shipped. Local/con pickup is free.
    • Badge picture, done in Copic markers on bristol. Add 5$ for lamination, badge clip, and shipping. Ask if I'll be at a con you're going to, I can deliver them by hand if I'll be there!
    • Examples:
  • marker commissions...100$
    • A Copic marker drawing of your character on a 9"x12" page of Bristol. The original will be mailed to you (unless you prefer not).
    • additional full colored characters...+60$ per character, double for every additional 5 characters
    • add background...typically 40-80$ depending on complexity. Simple shading/color/texture backgrounds are free.
    • Examples:
  • "cartoonified" commissions...15$
    • Simple flat color pic of your character emulating the style of either Gumball, Adventure Time, or Regular Show.
    • Examples:
  • ref sheets...150$ and up (est. 50$ per view/detail set)
    • Includes different views of your character and any details, accessories, clothing, or generally any specialized references you want included. $50 per view or detail set, inquire with your specific needs for an exact quote.
    • Examples:
  • pet portraits (and other oil paintings)...400$ and up
    • A portrait of your favorite pet, oil painted on canvas, framed, and shipped to you. Suitable for displaying in the home and commemorating your loved pets for a lifetime. Any pet welcome, normal or exotic.
    • Examples:

Terms of Service

If you're new to commissioning and/or want to know how I personally operate, please first review my process:

  • Contact me. Tell me what you would like commissioned. Specifics are preferred! Detailed descriptions, reference pictures, and the type of picture are great information. Once I know what you would like, I can provide you with an accurate quote based on the pricing listed above. There are several ways to contact me, pick which one suits you best.
  • Payment/Deposit. Before I start work, I ask for at least a deposit of 25% the total cost of the commission...this helps protect both you and me! With the deposit, I am liable and obligated to work on and finish the commission in a timely manner, and I am assured I can avoid non-payment. Of course, many customers prefer to make the full payment up front for ease, and that is perfectly fine as well. Paypal is the preferred method, but I accept money orders and cash (at your own risk! I do not accept responsibility for cash being lost in the mail). Once the deposit or up-front payment is received, I start work on your piece. The time it takes is largely dependent upon my queue and real life obligations, but I will always do my best to finish in a timely manner and will be openly available for questions and status reports should you need them. If you have a deadline such as a con or birthday/anniversary you need met, let me know and I can push your priority up.
  • Status updates (optional). Please let me know if you would like to see progress stages of your picture as they are completed. For example, if you would like to approve the sketch, lineart, and/or flat colors as they are completed before I continue work, please let me know and I will be happy to oblige.
  • Finishing. When I am done, if you have paid the deposit only, I will send you a watermarked thumbnail as proof that the picture is complete and ask for the rest of the payment. Once it is paid in full, I will send you two copies of the picture, a smaller web-resolution picture, and a full resolution picture suitable for printing if you wish.
  • Revisions. I want you to be happy with your picture! Feel free to ask for minor changes if you see something amiss. I allow two sets of minor revisions per commission. For large, extensive revisions and any more than two revisions, I will have to ask for extra payment due to the extra time spent, to be determined by the nature of the change.

What I will/won't draw. I typically draw a variety of things, including people, anthros, and animals. These make up the bulk of my personal and professional art. If you have something else in mind, however, such as machines, landscapes, et cetera, please don't hesitate to ask; I am very open to these things as well. My policy on adult art is that I take each on a case-by-case basis and in general will not take anything too extreme as far as fetishes are concerned. I reserve the right to decline commissions that I am not comfortable with, but you are always welcome to ask. However, please do not ask for adult-themed pictures involving my personal characters.

What my art can/can't be used for. While the art I make for you may be of your own personal characters, I retain the copyright to the art itself. Please do not sell prints or otherwise commercially use commissions. If you wish to purchase the rights to the image for commercial use, please let me know and a price will be negotiated. You may feel free to use the art non-commercially however you wish, including making personal prints, using it as a badge, or other non-profit applications. I will not resell prints of any commissions without contacting the purchaser for approval first.

Refund policy. If I have not started on your work and for some reason you change your mind, I will issue you a full refund. If I have started on your work and you desire a refund, I will assess an amount based on how much work I have done (based on my outlined prices above), and refund you the difference. I do not issue refunds once a piece is complete, but I will be happy to try and work with you to make you happy with your piece in the two allotted sets of revisions I allow after the initial completion.

Other notes. Unless you specifically request otherwise, your commissioned art will most likely be posted on one or more of my public galleries, and the progress may be streamed as well. If your piece is intended as a gift or you otherwise do not want you piece posted or worked on publicly, please inform me ahead of time and I will accommodate! Thank you.